Lock-N-Lift is the foremost expert for dovetail style road plate lifting tools in the industry. We sell ONLY dovetail tools because our customers tell us they are the safest, easiest to use and most reliable lifting tools available. We have the original patent since 1981 and continue to improve on our designs – they are our specialty.


Better Balance and Control of heavy plates resulting from Single Point Center Lifting
Strength is never compromised by worn out threads
No trip hazards on plates as weld-in receiver is flush mounted
Maximum trip hazard protection with #PC500 installed
No need to ever reach under a plate

Ease of Use

Road plates can be stacked plate-to-plate
No need for dunnage between plates
Fast hook-up of Lifting Tools
No threads to clean
No cross-threading ever
Weld-in Plate welds in from one side only – no need to flip plates

Proven Reliability

Our Lock-N-Lift tools are rated to lift 8000 lbs
They have a 5:1 minimum safety factor
There are no threads to wear out on lifting tool or receiver
More than 25,000 tools have been in use since 1981 throughout North America