What is the working load limit for Lock-N-Lift tools?

All Lock-N-Lift tools are designed with a working load limit of 4 tons or 8,000 pounds.

Where is the working load limit marked on Lock-N-Lift tools?

The working load limit is cast into the weld in plates.

How large of a road plate can I lift with Lock-N-Lift tools?

Here is a table of the weight of common road plates based on their size.

5′ X 12′2,500 lbs.
8′ X 12′4,000 lbs.
8′ X 16′5,333 lbs.
8′ X 20′6,665 lbs.

As you can see, a center mounted Lock-N-Lift tool can comfortably handle an 8’ X 20’ road plate.

Can I use Lock-N-Lift tools on plates larger than 8’ X 20’?

For larger plates, we recommend using 2 tools equally spaced along the long dimension of the plate.  See our Applications page for an example of a 2- tool setup.

What is the welding procedure for Model 500B weld-in plates?

See the Model 500B technical page for welding instructions.  Weld-in plates are made of WCB steel in part for easy welding into road plates made of A36, A50 or A992 steel.  Note – a certified welder in compliance with all local regulations should do all welding.

What weld filler metal do you recommend when installing weld-in plates?

Certified welders in compliance with all local regulations should always do welding.  Some of our customers recommend using 7018 rod when stick welding, or Metalshield MC-6 rod when machine welding.

Which lifting tool is right for my needs?

All Lock-N-Lift tools have the same working load limit, so the decision on which tool to use is based primarily on how you want to attach the tool to your hydraulics.  If you want to use an anchor shackle to attach to a tool, then the Model 750 is a good choice.  If you want to use either a hook or a chain shackle to attach to a tool, then the Model 800 is needed.  Lock-N-Lift sells chain assemblies for its tools for your convenience – please see the Products page to view the different tool attachment options.  These chain assemblies were created based on the best practices of Lock-N-Lift customers with over 30 years of experience using Lock-N-Lift tools.

What size shackle or hook do you recommend for attaching Lock-N-Lift tools to a hydraulic lift?

The through hole on the 750 tool will accept a shackle pin up to 1” in diameter.  The slot in the 800 tool will accept a maximum hook width of 1 1/8”.  You may look at the chain assemblies on the Products page to see a typical shackle and hook assembly that has been sized based on the experience of Lock-N-Lift’s long-term customers.  All shackles, hooks and chains must have a working load limit of at least 8000 lbs.

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